Freezer repair company in Riyadh

Freezer repair  is done by relying on technicians who specialize in repairing and maintaining freezers of all kinds with various engines, as our company has specialized in the repair and maintenance of freezers, and providingmaisenzashop gabssaldi relaxdaysstore maisenzashop tatacalzature ovyeshop andcamicienegozi diego-dalla-palma andcamicienegozi donkeyluckycat loevenichhut lecopavillon donkeyluckycat legioiedigea lecopavillon all the original spare parts you need based on the advanced methods through which El-Deeb malfunctions can be detected. Freezers, and providing appropriate methods of repair through a trained team to deal with malfunctions of refrigerators and freezers of all kinds in exchange for reduced prices.

Features of a freezer repair company 

We offer you the best services that take care of deep freezers, whether they are repair or maintenance services, as we offer you our services 24 hours a day, because we have a team of human cadres skilled in providing various works for freezers, and repairing various malfunctions with great skill, and the most important thing we offer is:

  • We provide you with all the tools and modern tools that the human cadres team relies on to repair freezers.
  •  We can be deployed in all areas 24 hours a day, because we have a large number of work teams ready to provide services to clients.
  •  All human cadres in the company are specialized in the repair and maintenance of freezers through long experience in this field.
  •  We adhere to all deadlines set by customers, and carry out the work of deep freezers quickly and proficiently.
  •  We detect all the malfunctions that were exposed to the freezers through advanced devices.
  •  We identify faults in record time.
  •  We provide free services, including inspecting the freezers, identifying faults, and providing warranty certificates for the services provided.
  •  We offer an integrated work team that can accomplish all tasks in all specialties for freezers.
  •  We provide periodic follow-up services, and maintenance to freezers as desired by customers, whether monthly, semi-annual or annual maintenance.
  •  We work at all times, whether on holidays or holidays, around the clock.
  •  Our great experience in this field made us deal with freezers, no matter what malfunctions there are, and no matter how simplified they are.
  •  Our services are in all regions of the country, as we have many headquarters and branches that help us reach you.
  •  We import all original spare parts that we install for freezers.
  •  Our prices are competitive, and are considered among the cheapest when compared to the prices of other companies for maintenance and repair of freezers and refrigerators.

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Best freezer repair company

 We got the preference in the field of freezer repair because we offer the following:

  • We can professionally repair and replace all Deep Freezer motors and capacitors.
  •  We can maintain the electrical circuit in the deep freezer, in addition to the entire cooling duct.
  •  We repair the thermostat or replace it with the original type in the event of a malfunction.
  •  We clean the pipe responsible for transporting the refrigerant gas in the freezers, and we work to remove all dirt and stuck dust inside.
  •  We treat all gas fittings and pipelines if they are exposed to gas smuggling.
  •  We repair all the interior parts of the freezers, replace them if they are damaged, and we can clean them of dust and dirt.
  •  Freezer electrical wires, we repair and maintain them.
  •  We can also change the socket if it is damaged.
  •  We provide a service of filling, changing the Freon gas dedicated to the best types of freezers.
  •  All malfunctions of the timer are maintained and repaired.
  •  We also work on adjusting temperatures through specialized technicians.
  •  We detect all malfunctions that affect the timer very easily due to the effect of its work on the freezer.
  •  We check all components in the freezer, and detect malfunctions.
  •  We replace the damaged parts with the proper parts of the original types.
  •  We maintain the return pipe, and we do a full check on it so that the freezer is not exposed to vibration during operation.
  •  Water smuggling is repaired, and the pipes that clog water pipes are cleaned and cleaned.
  •  Motor malfunctions are fixed by the work team to the fullest.
  •  We treat the poor efficiency of the motor.
  •  Freezer door problems we fix and service when it is difficult to close it tightly.
  •  We change the rubber for the door.

Westinghouse freezer maintenance

Our company is the best and most successful Westinghouse freezer maintenance centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as our company has been working in this field for a long time, and it can deal with Westinghouse freezers of all brands, old and modern models, and our ability is great to provide repair and maintenance services Integrated for all malfunctions that it is exposed to.

Features of Westinghouse Deep Freezer 

The advantages of the Westinghouse Deep Freezer are varied, the most important of which are:

  • It has an airtight lid to give great efficiency for an airtight seal.
  •  It has a defrost system.
  •  It has a drain that can remove ice by draining the water easily.
  •  It has removable sliding baskets to allow room for storage.
  •  It has an adjustable thermostat.
  •  Provides manual defrost service.
  •  It contains the powerful motor that distinguishes it, so it can keep all foods and meats for long periods of time.
  •  It guides in electricity consumption in large proportions than other types of deep freezers.
  •  It has a distinct lighting that enables customers to see the foods inside the device.
  •  It comes with an elegant and modern exterior that matches all modern kitchens.
  •  Its internal appearance is remarkable due to its distinctive partition.
  •  It was made of the finest materials that can resist rust, and last for many years.
  •  It has a number of baskets that have been distributed in a way that facilitates the organization of foods inside.
  •  You can adjust the temperature that suits you.
  •  Offers sliding baskets that let you reach foods at the bottom of the freezer.
  •  It contains light covers that remain open automatically.
  •  It has a tight-fitting lid so that cold air does not escape from the appliance.

The most important malfunctions of Deep Freezer Westinghouse 

We offer Westinghouse freezer repair services due to the variety of malfunctions that affect it, the most important of which are:

 Deep freezer not working 

Here, our company’s technician, during the repair of Westinghouse freezers, does the following:

  • Make sure that the deep freezer is well connected to the electrical socket or connect any of the appliances in the house to the same socket to make sure that the electrical circuit is not broken.
  •  Sets the controls to 0 degrees Fahrenheit relative to the screen freezer unit.
  •  Verifies that the controllers in the machine are set correctly.

Freezer release strange noises 

When the Westinghouse deep freezer makes strange sounds, our freezer repair technician will do the following:

  • It begins to reveal the technical issues that led to this problem.
  • Because loud sounds indicate problems inside the device that led to poor cooling, whether these problems are related to melting snow or especially the speed of the evaporator fan.
  •  If the device makes a gurgling sound here, the problem is during the expulsion of water when defrost.
  •  The technician discovers the faults, and maintains them to the fullest.

Ice buildup in the freezer 

When ice accumulates in the Westinghouse freezer, this indicates that the evaporator has malfunctions during its role in melting the ice, so the technician repairs our company’s freezers as follows:

  • Review the sensor responsible for defrosting, and the timing of defrosting.
  •  It also reviews the treatment plate that can lower the temperatures, and sets it to 18 degrees Celsius.
  •  When any damaged parts are detected, it will replace them immediately.

Westinghouse deep freezer temperature rise 

When the temperature of the deep freezer rises above the normal temperature, which ranges from 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the technician repairs the freezers of our company as follows:

  • Set the thermostat to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and the reason here is that the device cannot defrost.
  •  That is why a freezer repair technician checks the evaporator, and all the parts in it.
  •  It also identifies the reasons for the high temperature that could be due to the thermal sensor being damaged, and it replaces it immediately.

Slight water leak 

When your Westinghouse deep freezer has a slight water leak, a freezer repair technician will do the following:

  • By checking the shut-off valve, if it is faulty, it will replace it.
  •  Because it has a significant impact on the defrost cycle.
  •  It may lead to a high water content due to the presence of the small filter bowl.
  •  Here, a freezer repair technician will repair or maintain it, or change it if it is exposed to water leakage.

Tips to maintain your Westinghouse Deep Freezer 

If you want to keep your Westinghouse Deep Freezer from being subjected to maintenance and repair, you must do these things that are advised by a freezer repair technician:

  • Make sure periodically, and constantly, that the deep freezer is clean, and free of all snow or other things.
  •  Maintain temperatures so that it is continuously set to 0 Fahrenheit.
  •  Keep the deep freezer in a suitable place away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.
  •  Let the ice melt automatically without trying to remove it with any sharp object.
  •  Put the deep freezer in humid places with low temperatures so that it is not exposed to rust.
  •  Make sure that the deep freezer is in good ventilation so that it does not lead to poor efficiency.
  •  Place on the hard, flat floor until the compressor is level.
  •  It is not started directly after transportation until after a number of hours have passed on it for the oil to settle.
  • When exposed to any kind of malfunction or malfunction, contact our company’s freezer repair immediately to reach the best immediate solutions.

kiriazi deep freezer maintenance

   With our company, you can obtain maintenance and repair services for Kiriazi freezers in all regions of the Kingdom with the availability of original spare parts, and obtaining approved warranty certificates.

 You can contact the team of customer service representatives of our company, which provides you with the best technical solutions to the problems of Kiriazi Deep Freezer, as we provide you with original spare parts, and help you obtain maintenance and repair operations at the best levels for all types of Kiriazi deep freezers with safety, Maintaining devices during service provision.

 We also increase the average life span of deep freezers, and provide you with a convenient service that combines many advantages that are only available with our company.

 The most important of which are the warranty, the limited prices, the speed of completing the tasks, the quality of maintenance services, and the repair of deep freezers. We also offer you post-repair follow-up, and we avoid you from exposure to bad experiences that waste your time and money.

We also have the expertise and efficiency in this field, and we provide you with quick work and speed of response at any time of the day, and we also provide you with original products from spare parts, in addition to providing advice and instructions on how to use and maintain Kiriazi Deep Freezer.

Kiriazi deep freezer problems

 When the Kiriazi Deep Freezer is exposed to malfunctions, whether it is strange sounds, some smells, stop working, poor freezing efficiency, or other things, you must contact the freezer repair technician of our company.

 Because he is one of the specialists who can reach the final solutions to all the problems of Kiriazi deep freezers, and the most important malfunctions that appear on Kiriazi deep freezers are:

 The deep freezer makes strange noises 

Noises or loud noises that disturb customers are among the malfunctions that affect Kiriazi Deep Freezer, and they also cause a lot of anxiety and distress.

 In addition, it indicates that there is a problem with the device, and it may also be exposed when operating continuously to intermittent sounds, and the reasons for this problem are due to:

  • Your kiriazi door hinges may have been damaged and need lubrication.
  •  No frost has a problem.
  •  The dissolving circuit may have been damaged and needs to be replaced.
  •  It is possible that the problem is in the structure of the deep freezer itself.
  •  The compressor is experiencing some problems.
  •  There is a problem with the drain pan, which is located at the bottom of the freezer.

Snow accumulation inside kiriazi deep freezer

 When the deep freezer of Kiriazi is exposed to the accumulation of snow, the most important causes of this problem are:

  • When customers leave the deep freezer door open for an extended period of time, it first closes tightly.
  •  Accumulation of food inside the deep freezer in a way that prevents the door from closing well.
  •  The interior vents are clogged or semi-blocked due to snow accumulation.
  •  The coils of the external condenser of the Kiriazi freezer have been exposed to dirt.
  •  Incorrect installation position of the freezer, as it is not located in the flat place.
  •  Freezer drain hole is clogged.
  •  There are many electronic problems inside Kiriazi freezer.

Kiriazi deep freezer does not freeze food

 The reasons for this problem are:

  • Freon gas leaked from the freezer.
  •  There is a malfunction in the freezer door due to damage to the rubber frame that surrounds the door.
  •  The thermostat may be damaged, and this is one of the serious reasons why the freezer is not able to freeze.
  •  Storing foods inside Kiriazi deep freezer in the wrong way, which makes it difficult to get good ventilation.
  •  The cooling system has malfunctioned.

leak some water 

The main reasons for this problem are due to:

  • Snow accumulation in the area surrounding the deep freezer fan.
  •  The Deep Freezer’s drain system may be faulty.
  •  The drain device may be clogged due to impurities that accumulate inside it.

Freon leak

 Freon gas inside the freezer is very necessary, and when it leaks, the reasons are due to:

  • Repeatedly opening the freezer door unnecessarily.
  •  Exposing the door of the deep freezer to malfunctions or damage.
  •  The rubber tire may also be damaged, and it will not be able to close the door properly.
  •  The deep freezer has a hole that causes refrigerant to leak, whether when cleaning it with sharp tools, during transportation, or when the customer hits it hard.

Freezer maintenance technician in Riyadh

  Our company provides you with a skilled freezer repair technician who has many capabilities and advantages that qualify him to provide international standards in the repair and maintenance of freezers, and his most important advantages are:

  • Specialized in the repair and maintenance of freezers of various brands and types.
  •  Long experience in this field enables him to obtain the best results for maintenance and repair operations.
  •  He was extensively trained by foreign experts on the maintenance of freezers and refrigerators.
  •  It relies on modern methods and advanced technologies at the world level in providing maintenance services for freezers.
  •  It seeks to obtain the resounding success in providing maintenance services with high accuracy, and great efficiency to ensure the levels it provides to the client.
  •  It is characterized by extreme reliability during the selection and installation of spare parts to ensure the continuity of the equipment’s operation with great efficiency.
  •  It provides a guarantee for long periods of time on the maintenance services of the freezers, as they are not subject to any malfunction, and if they are exposed during the warranty period, it provides free inspection and maintenance services.
  •  Ask prices that fit the client’s budget.
  •  Our company’s prices are competitive compared to the prices of local markets.
  •  Provides express services during maintenance at the local level.
  •  It is characterized by the use of modern technology during the maintenance of the freezers to ensure speed and accuracy in accomplishing tasks.
  •  It deals with all malfunctions quite calmly so as not to cause any kind of inconvenience to the customers in the place.
  •  Its services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • When you contact a freezer repair technician, he will go to you in whatever area you are in to help you as quickly as possible.
  •  Happy to receive suggestions from gentlemen customers.
  •  Opens the door for dialogue and discussion with customers in order to develop the services it provides to all customers of the region.
  •  It seeks to correct the negatives to reach the international professional levels in the quality of freezer repair services.

Kiriazi deep freezer repair

We provide you with the best Kiriazi freezer repair  methods , as we offer you the best excellent services during freezer repair as follows:

 Kiriazi deep freezer makes strange sounds 

Our technician does the following:

  • It lubricates the hinges of your deep freezer door so you don’t have to make annoying noises again.
  • When the sound comes from the compressor, we can solve it, check it properly, and change it if it is damaged.
  • Our company’s freezer repair  technician is keen to discover all the problems that exist in the deep freezer, and work to fix them well in order to avoid the freezer from making annoying sounds.

Snow accumulation inside kiriazi deep freezer

 When you see snow accumulating inside the deep freezer, you can contact the freezer repair technician of our company, which offers you these solutions:

  • A technician checks food freezers that are located inside the freezer, as they must be far enough from the door.
  •  It cleans the rubber tire and removes everything that prevents it from closing tightly.
  •  If the rubber tire is damaged, replace it.
  •  Keep all food inside the freezer from the ventilation holes.
  •  Keeps the freezer level, not tilting foods so that air can circulate naturally within it.
  •  Clean the condenser coils to prevent the freezer from accumulating snow.
  •  Move the freezer far enough from the wall to have the extra space for ventilation.
  •  Make sure that the drain hole is not prone to clogging, and unblock it, open the back cover of the strawberry, and look down where the defrost hole is located, and hot water can be poured into it if the snow is accumulating in it.
Freezer maintenance and repair company in Riyadh
Freezer maintenance and repair company in Riyadh

Kiriazi deep freezer does not freeze 

We provide the best solutions when the deep freezer stops freezing, the most important of which are:

  • Our company’s freezer repair technician makes sure that the freon stock has not been exposed to exhaustion.
  •  It works to supply the deep freezer with the right amounts of Freon gas.
  •  The door is cleaned of all stuck objects or dirt.
  •  Replace the door rubber part if it is damaged.
  •  Checks the thermostat, and its integrity, and if it proves to be damaged, it works to replace it immediately.
  •  Avoid accumulating foods inside the freezer, because they are a major reason for the poor level of cooling.
  •  He asks the housewife to clean the freezer continuously, and to get rid of all the snow that accumulates inside it from time to time.

Leaking some water from Kiriazi deep freezer 

Our company’s freezer repair technician works to provide these solutions when the deep freezer is exposed to some water leakage:

  • It recharges the deep freezer with the right amounts of Freon gas to help it work well.
  •  Provides some tips, and guidelines to avoid the wrong handling of the Deep Freezer.
  •  It detects all the faults that affect the deep freezer, and chooses the most appropriate methods that help to fix the faults.

fridge freezer repair

 When the refrigerator freezer stops freezing foods, while the refrigerator works very efficiently in the rest of the parts, here the freezer needs a specialized freezer repair technician who can look for the best ways in which the freezer can be maintained and repaired, and the most famous malfunctions that affect the refrigerator freezer are: :

  • Failure to supply the refrigerator freezer with the necessary electrical current, which results in a malfunction in the electrical circuit of the freezer.
  •  The Freon level is low and it needs to be charged again for the refrigerator to work properly.
  •  The thermostat responsible for regulating the cooling exposes to some malfunctions that lead to a malfunction in the process of freezing foods inside the freezer or in any part of the refrigerator.
  •  A malfunction occurs in the freezer motor, which makes it completely stop offering freezing.
  • Water falling from the freezer, and this malfunction indicates that the steam condenses during the formation of snow or turns snow into water due to thawing.
  • Some freezers have problems with the doors that make them unable to close, so the technician will fix the problem so that the fridge freezer is not exposed to double freezing.
  •  Dirt and dirt build up on the rear coils of the refrigerator due to dirt and dust that builds up over time.
  •  It leads to a defect in the arrival of gas to the freezer, exposing the evaporator fan to a problem.
  •  Because it is responsible when the air is drawn into the freezer, and when it malfunctions, the freezer becomes unable to process the freezing as required.

Best selling freezer in the market

There are many electric deep freezers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are famous for their high quality, well-known brand, and made of the best metal materials that resist rust. The most famous of these brands are:

  • Midea Chest Freezer 10.2 Cu.Ft. 
  • White Westinghouse Deep Freezer 8.7 Cu.Ft.
  • Basic floor freezer with a capacity of 142 liters
  • Electrostar digital deep freezer 6 drawers

The most famous standards that are available in the best types of freezers are:

  • Having an ice factory property.
  •  Automatic or manual snow melting.
  •  The capacity of the deep freezer, and its suitability to the needs of the family.
  •  The outer texture of the deep freezer is coarse so that it is easier to clean, while the inner texture of the deep freezer is soft.
  •  It has a fast freezing feature.
  •  It has all the features that enable it to freeze in record time.
  •  The presence of the hose until the snow is melted, and drained through it.
  •  The hinges for the freezer door are strong, durable enough to withstand frequent use.
  •  The presence of a wire extending on the sides of the freezer to help the temperature to remain stable.
  •  Contains interior lighting during its operation.
  •  The presence of a key and a lock for the door to protect it.
  •  It has the top opening that contains one or more baskets for storing foods.
  •  It has front openings that contain shelves that move upwards.
  •  It has a temperature control feature.

Ariston hot point freezer repair

 Our company provides you with Ariston Hot Point freezer maintenance service through the best method of freezer repair . Our company’s team specializes in the maintenance of Ariston Hot Point freezers by communicating with our company numbers that provide you with:

  • Periodic follow-up, and monitoring of all maintenance services needed by Ariston Hot Point Freezers.
  •  We believe in the quality of services we provide to clients.
  •  We also hold the work team strictly accountable for the quality of services that the client receives.
  •  We provide periodic follow-up services to Ariston Hot Point freezers through a specialized follow-up team.
  •  Ensure the validity of the devices for use, and we have a fleet of modern cars equipped to cover all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  •  We can also move to clients’ homes to provide in-home Ariston Hotpoint freezer repair services.
  •  We work with great accuracy and professionalism to maintain the equipment during obtaining various services.
  •  And the work team was trained by foreign experts, in addition to providing many modern and advanced devices that enable technicians to discover faults and repair defects for all types of old and modern Hue Point freezers.

Horizontal freezer malfunctions 

There are a variety of malfunctions that affect the chest freezer, but our company that provides a freezer repair service can fix all these malfunctions, including:

  • The digital display presents many problems, and our company’s freezer repair technician will repair it, and replace it with original types.
  •  The Freon circuit is exposed to blockage when operating the freezer for the first time, so we advise you to leave it for a full day before operating so that the oil gets stability.
  •  The sound of the cooling motor is relatively loud.
  •  Snow forms excessively in some types of horizontal freezers.
  •  It is difficult to adjust the cooling temperature through the digital display.

Toshiba deep freezer maintenance 

We offer our customers, wherever they are in all regions of the Kingdom, the repair of Toshiba freezers through the best selection of certified experts, technicians and engineers specialized in the repair of freezers with all original spare parts.

 Because we are one of the certified companies in the field of ideal maintenance services for freezers of all kinds, and we also provide you with technical support, an excellent team, and our services are very fast, the most important of which is the repair services for Toshiba freezers, which are exposed to some malfunctions, the most important of which are:

 thermostat malfunction 

When the thermostat malfunctions, customers find that the freezer does not stop working, and a freezer repair technician checks the thermostat to make sure that it is the source of the problem, and if any malfunction appears in it, he works to maintain and repair it.

 If it is damaged, it will be replaced with an original one in order to preserve the life span of the deep freezer.

Deep freezer does not freeze 

It is considered among the problems facing Toshiba Deep Freezer, and there are many reasons that lead to this, the most important of which are:

  • The thermostat is damaged.
  •  There is not enough space to ventilate foods inside the deep freezer.
  •  The presence of malfunctions in the door of the deep freezer.
  •  Freon gas leaked from inside the deep freezer.
  •  The cooling system has been subjected to certain malfunctions.
  •  Leaving the appliance door open for a long period of time can lead to gas leakage and high temperature.
  •  Doing deep freezer cleaning tasks in the wrong way, such as relying on sharp tools that can lead to a hole in the freezer.
  •  The rubber frame along the door is damaged, allowing air to enter or exit the freezer.

Hottest Toshiba Deep Freezer 

When the Toshiba Deep Freezer gets hotter than the normal rate, the device has been exposed to some malfunctions, and the freezer repair technician identifies the reasons that led to this, the most important of which are:

  • The customer may place the device in a confined space where there is not enough space for ventilation, resulting in poor cooling of the device.
  •  The freezer door has been damaged, as a result of damage to the compressor or condenser.
  • The percentage of Freon gas in the device decreased, and here a freezer repair  technician checks the gas pressure level, and works to charge it with Freon.
  •  The compressor has malfunctioned, and a Toshiba freezer repair expert offers to check the fan and motor, clean all internal parts and remove dirt from them.
  •  The capacitor has been exposed to dirt, which is one of the reasons for the device to overheat.
  •  The work team cleans and removes all parts on the condenser to protect the freezer from exposure to malfunctions.

vertical freezer maintenance in riyadh

 We take care of the comfort of our customers in Riyadh when they encounter any problem or malfunction with the upright freezers, so there is no need to be confused or worried because we offer the best solutions to all the problems of upright freezers.

 Relying on a team of experts and specialists from technical support who are able to provide freezer maintenance services at the lowest prices offered in the Riyadh markets, the most important malfunctions that appear on vertical freezers are:

  • The freezer is not working.
  •  Deep freezers do not freeze foods.
  •  The fault lamp is permanently lit.
  •  The freezer freezes from the bottom, but from the top, it suffers from poor freezing efficiency.
  •  Freezer door does not close tightly.

 Therefore, we provide you with approved maintenance services for all models of vertical freezers with a warranty certificate that the device will not be exposed to the same malfunctions during the warranty period.

 The existence of the legal link called the contract that proves the right of the customer, and we also meet urgent or emergency freezer repair requests, and protect you from all fraudulent spare parts, because we rely on the original and approved types.

 We adhere to all instructions in the manual for the freezer we maintain or repair, and we rely on advanced methods.

Floor freezer maintenance shop

 We provide you with many deep freezer maintenance shops that are spread in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we provide the same quality and efficiency of services provided at the company’s headquarters.

 In addition, when customers contact our company’s stores, they can be directed to the best freezer repair technician who provides services with great efficiency and high quality, as our company’s stores provide you with the best advantages, the most important of which are:

  • The ability to maintain and repair freezers of all brands and types.
  •  Using advanced methods during the provision of maintenance services.
  •  Follow modern programming to discover malfunctions that affect freezers.
  •  Pay attention to the hardware manual for the correct method of repair.
  •  Not to exaggerate the original spare parts that are obtained from approved companies and are subject to supervision and examination.
  • Compete with all other companies in providing competitive offers, discounts, and discounts.
  •  Warranty certificate of up to three years on the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

The best types of home freezers

 Freezers that have won the admiration of customers vary due to the presence of many advantages that make them among the best types of home freezers, and the most important of these types are:

Alaska deep freezer

It has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • It contains a powerful motor that gives high quality during cooling foods.
  •  It has many designs for insertion into one machine depending on the model that the customer accepts.
  •  It rationalizes the consumption of electrical energy, because the body of the device contains a thick insulating material that makes the freezer maintain temperatures for a long period of time.
  •  It has great interior lighting, and modern technical design in all its corners.
  •  The drawers are made of the finest materials, and there are high-quality shelves that can withstand heavy weights of food.
  •  It contains the modern material in the interior design that prevents food from sticking to the body of the freezer.
  •  It delivers the Quick Freeze feature as it can freeze foods in just 30 minutes.
  •  Some of its models have light or sound alarms when the device is overheating.
  •  It has the perfect design that makes the housewife take advantage of all the spaces inside the freezer.
  •  It has many attractive colors, and modern models that are not available in other devices.

Deep Freezer Beko 

Beko deep freezer comes with unprecedented advantages from other devices, the most important of which are:

  • It contains the internal division for the inclusion of various models that suit the nature of the family’s needs.
  •  It seeks to preserve foods from bacteria, as it has an anti-bacterial outer handle.
  •  It has many shapes and wonderful colors that suit modern home decor.
  •  The outer body of the device is made of stainless steel, which can resist rust, and is easy to clean.
  •  It has a wonderful interior lighting that provides the housewife to see all the components inside it.
  •  It has an internal fan that helps distribute cold air in all parts of the freezer to maintain all foods, and freeze evenly.
  •  It has a rapid cooling feature, which can save foods freezing in record time.
  •  Some models of it have an external screen to help customers control the temperature of the device, and many other features.

kiriazi deep freezer 

It is considered one of the famous types as it is a brand that includes many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • It has a variety of elegant designs that suit home décor of different tastes.
  •  It saves electrical energy because it is made of a thick material that prevents internal temperatures from escaping into the device.
  •  It has a fan that distributes cold air evenly, and when you open the freezer door, it stops to reduce electricity consumption.
  •  It can freeze foods in a maximum period of 30 minutes.
  •  It has an indicator in each drawer that indicates the degree of freezing.
  •  It has a digital display in the outer door to control the temperature of the device.
  •  It can work in high temperature places efficiently.
  •  It contains Freon pressure, which enables it to freeze under high temperatures.

The difference between the upright freezer and the upright freezer

The preference in choosing the type of horizontal or main freezer depends on the lifestyle and needs of the customer so that he can choose the most appropriate types for him, and we find that some individuals prefer to use the horizontal deep freezer, while others prefer the vertical type, and we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type until You can choose the types that suit you:

Features of horizontal deep freezer 

  • It has a large capacity of storage.
  •  Its prices are reasonable compared to the main types of freezers.
  •  It consumes less power during operation.
  •  It is considered highly efficient in the use of electrical energy.
  •  It makes less noise if compared to the main types.
  •  Keeps foods fresh for extended periods of time during power outages.
  •  Its life span is long, as it continues in operation for periods of 15 to 20 years.

Disadvantages of horizontal deep freezer

  • It is difficult to get order inside a deep freezer.
  •  When defrosting is required, it must be separated.
  •  It is difficult to be cleaned, and it takes a lot of trouble to reach the bottom parts, which needs to be bent.
  •  It is considered one of the difficult types during the provision of maintenance services compared to the vertical types.
  •  It takes up a lot of floor space.
  •  It is difficult for the housewife to reach the foods stored at the bottom of the appliance.

Features of the vertical deep freezer 

  • It provides great ease in arranging and organizing the foods that are in it due to the presence of the drawers.
  •  It makes it easy to access frozen foods anywhere.
  •  It provides great ease during cleaning, as it does not need to bend over to reach all the places in it.
  •  There are no frost species that cannot form snow.
  •  Its maintenance and repair are easy compared to the box type.
  •  It saves floor space because it needs less space.
  •  All items inside are easily accessible during the cleaning process.
  •  It has a front door that opens like a refrigerator door.

Disadvantages of vertical deep freezer 

  • Large items cannot be stored inside, as it has drawers that define food space.
  •  It consumes more electrical energy compared to a horizontal deep freezer.
  •  When subjected to a power outage it does not keep foods frozen for a long period of time.
  •  It makes loud noises, especially the types of no frost freezer.
  •  It contains various electrical components compared to the horizontal type, which exposes it to many faults.
  •  Its shelf life is less than that of the chest freezer, because it lasts 10 to 15 years.

Freezer maintenance tips

There are a set of tips and instructions that the housewife must know in order to be able to maintain the freezers, and the most important of these tips are:

  • Ensure that the electrical current is properly connected to the device.
  •  Avoid placing the freezer in a wet place so that the appliance body is not exposed to corrosion or damage.
  • Also, avoid placing freezers in places where there is direct sunlight or high temperatures.
  •  When carrying out maintenance and repair work for the device, we must make sure that we have disconnected the power supply.
  •  Clean the freezer from time to time, using appropriate detergents.
  •  Do not use sharp instruments while cleaning the freezer or defrosting.
  •  Arrange foods in a way that allows the device to obtain good ventilation, and distributes cold air evenly.
  •  Contact a professional freezer repair technician when the device is exposed to any kind of malfunction.

Freezer repair prices 

The prices of maintenance and repair services for freezers offered by our company are considered the lowest, because we have a team specialized in determining the prices of the services provided by the work team.

 In addition, the prices are determined based on the number of services that the freezers receive, in addition to the spare parts that are exchanged, and the company is interested in the discounts and offers that are offered continuously to reduce the cost of the freezer repair service for the customers.

Freezer repair numbers 

You can request our company numbers available in this article so that you can get the best freezer repair in the Kingdom, where you will find a team of customer service representatives ready throughout the day to answer calls.

 It provides you with services and answers to questions and inquiries. You can communicate now or write to the company via its e-mail or WhatsApp, as we address you as soon as the service request message arrives anywhere in the Kingdom to provide freezer repair and maintenance services to the fullest.

In this article, we talked about freezer repair, and we dealt with all the information and details about this service that our company provides to you in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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